When Babies Start To Learn And How You Can Give Them A Head Start

Congratulations on the little wonder you’re holding in your arms or is growing inside of you. As any concerned mommy, you’re probably wondering what is the best way to get your little ones noggin a good jump start. Well their education can actually start when they’re still in the womb. At around 18 to 19 weeks they can hear you, so practice your singing, read your favorite story to them. We’ve all heard that playing classical music to you baby while it’s still in the womb can be very beneficial to their brain development, but don’t be afraid to play your favorite song to your little one as well. It’s never too early to teach them good taste in music.

While you can only do so much while they’re still inside of the womb, The real fun can begin once your little bundle of joy has decided to come out and join the rest of the world.

Early childhood education in Malaysia is important


Hello world! (First 3 months)
Your baby is here! They’re so little and everything is so new to them, but new borns are near sighted at this stage in life. Everything is kind of fuzzy to them until you get close, they mostly notice your hairline or your moving mouth. They love to see faces but can only really see primary colors, most will decorate a nursery in black and white with a splash of red. Some ways to help stimulate your baby’s brain:
• Lay them down on a blanket and let them gaze at the mobile
• Kiss little feet and cheeks, interact with them while they’re still awake
• Sing. even if you’re out of tune, they love your voice.
• Let them try to roll over. As cute as they are holding your baby constantly can keep them from trying to learn how to move on their own. They need to try to tone they’re little muscles so they can learn how to scooch.
• Go to the pool. Holding your baby while in the shallow end of the pool can help them develop their leg muscles. Studies shown that when infants were back in the water they would mimic walking, but while outside of the water they seemed to have forgotten.
• Talk in funny voices and pitches. Speak slowly so they can see how your mouth works and they can try to mimic it. Be sure to make funny sounds as well, just because it’s hilarious.

Ah! Now they won’t sit still!
Now they have graduated from scooting to crawling, and just want to take on the world. At this stage you can:
• Let them touch everything! Well almost everything, buy a kids book that has different fabrics and textures in it. They’re learning that not everything is the same.
• Talk to them as if they understand you. Talk to them in a normal voice every so often, keep it up because they’re learning how to communicate through others from you.
• Establish a bed time routine. Bath, bed time story. It well help you later down the road.
• Baby exercising. Critter is too little to go to the gym, and you’re probably wondering when you can get your pre-baby body back. Hold your baby and do some squats, don’t forget the rocket noises!

As they get older little ones are looking more and more to you on how to interact with the world.
• Teach them how to share by handing back the things they hand you.
• When they fall be sure to not act like the world has ended and with a smile encourage them to get back up. This can build confidence.
• Let them make some choices. Don’t ask opened ended questions but give them a choice of “ macaroni or spaghetti” this can help them become more confident in answering questions once they start school.

Once they are old enough to head out on their own (going to school) Begin to designate a homework time, even if they don’t have homework have them do a fun work sheet or take time to color. They will learn to set aside time later in life for work or school and be less likely to say they don’t have homework when really they do. Early childhood education in Malaysia is important and can start a lot sooner than most think.

Hopefully these tips can help you in connecting with your child and prepare them to interact with the world around them and to learn from it.

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