The 10 Essentials That Teachers Would Like From Parents

It isn’t easy raising a child as we can’t expect teachers to be the only ones educating our children. Research has shown that when parents get more involved, their kids’ grades improve. Are you keen in making your teacher’s job that much easier? If you are nodding in agreement, read on to find out more about the learning essentials.

A Seasoned Reader is a Good Reader

Here’s a tip that will help your child become a seasoned reader; read aloud to them. In 1985, the U.S. Department of Education Commission on Reading showed why an early start is key. From improving memory to giving your brain more staying power, this is one habit that needs to be honed. From vivid depictions of each word, to an understanding of crafting stories from scratch.  Begin sowing the seeds for a lifetime fulfillment of reading.

Know Thy Teacher

You should already be keeping the contact details of your child’s teacher. E-mails, to personal contact numbers, you’ll never know when you may need to call them. Make it a point to attend open houses and parent-teacher association meetups to break the ice. Don’t only be around when you have an issue that needs addressing.

Build Friendships to Last a Lifetime

Foster teamwork and friendly competition with classroom learning materials. From word games like Scrabble to the back and forth skirmishes of chess where players duke it out. Tickle your brain matter to keep it razor sharp so it can flourish in everyday life lessons. There’s just isn’t enough time for children to get acquainted with one another. Don’t settle for that. Encourage play dates and social interactions outside school to foster bonds among children.

Stay Involved, Get Involved

It goes without saying, you should attend regular school council meetings. Whether its about a current issue that needs your attention, make time for such cases. If are unable to make it, ask if you could take them at a later time. Parents opinions matter. Remember that you’re speaking for your child. When parents stand united, changes are more likely to take place.

Be a School Socialite 

Don’t skip school events such as science competitions, sports day and talent shows. Your child may not be part of the football team, why go anyways you may ask? By choosing to go, you are showing support for the festivities. Be the light in his life and make lasting memories.

Take the Learning Home 

Learning happens everywhere we go, not just in classrooms. Whip up a dish and explain the essentials of measurements. Organize Scrabble night sessions. Enjoy a trip to the planetarium or art museum. Indulge in an educational, fun-for-all movie. Introduce learning at your home to help foster a lifetime of good habits.

Education is Invaluable

Learning doesn’t have to stop once school’s out. Enjoy a good page-turner. Join a cooking class. Share details and experiences that you enjoy while working. Get together and indulge in entertaining mediums.

Be Firm, Not Lax

“Patience is for martyrs”, says Lisa Holewa, co-author of What Kindergarten Teacher Knows. It all begins at home. No matter how your child cries and begs to get his way, sometimes tough love is the only way. When you’ve to head to an appointment at school, don’t be late. By appreciating the time of others, this will foster good lasting habits.

Cleaning Habits Begin at Home

Do you usually pick up after your child? If your child has a habit of not cleaning up after play time, chances are he’s messy at school. Ask him to put the toys away in a neat fashion. Have him make his bed every morning, throw the trash away and help wash the dishes. If cleaning becomes a habit, he’ll likely incorporate them at school.

Little Steps Lead to Something Bigger

Role-playing is a great time-waster. The next time you are teaching, assume the role of an educator to bring a layer of unpredictability. Give your child clear and undivided attention. “Plan to stand near your child, bend down, and get eye contact,” Holewa says. By getting on their level, your child will be more equipped to learn faster and not fall behind at school.

Be part of the teaching cause and lead by example. Not only will you become an integral cog in the school’s institution, the teacher will thank you for it!

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