How to Create an Epic Dorm Room: Tips for Guys


Frankly, it is naive to slip into the same, common routines as every other student in a boarding school with cheesy, preadolescent decorations from neighborhood gift shops and swap meets. Decorating your dorm is similar to expressing yourself with fashion or investing in a car because those items are ultimately an external way of conveying our interests and projecting an identity of yourself to the others in your environment. If you really want to stand head and shoulders above the majority of students entering boarding school this year, you’ll have to stay ahead of the curve and innovate. Taking the time to factor these rules into your dorm room renovations will enable you to take full advantage of the opportunity you have to create the inviting atmosphere you’ve always dreamed of for your first year of boarding school, and all the years to follow.

Minimalism matters


Minimalism is your best friend when it comes to decorating.

Minimalism is your best friend when it comes to decorating. Do you really need to have a gigantic sound system in your room? Do you really need to own 20 pairs of shoes and a plasma TV? Minimalism enables you to streamline the appearance of your dorm room as well as quickly reducing potential clutter, ultimately, making your living quarters extremely attractive and easy to maintain. Please stick to the bare necessities: bed, desk, pillow, school books, laptop, a few basic clothing and essential grooming items. Anything you feel that you missed out can always be added or replaced. Essentially, the goal of this operation is to make your life as simple as streamlined as possible.


The rules of symmetry


Hide any potential clutter by storing it in an affordable storage box, and put it under bed.

Take the time to convince your flatmate to mirror the way your side of the room looks because mirroring is the quickest way to ensure that your room actually appears much larger than it actually is. All of your big ticket items, like beds, desks and drawers should mirror each other for optimal results… and for the rest of the room? Posters and pencils on a dresser matters very little when it comes to mirroring. Don’t want to look like you’re overdoing it, just the major items will do. Want to know another way to make your flat feel larger than it really is? Hide any potential clutter by storing it in an affordable storage box, similar to the ones you’ll find at Walmart or Target, allowing you to quickly stash any clutter under your bed or in a closet, in an organized fashion.


Select Designs


Avoid investing in items peppered with multiple colors

Schools typically enact very stern policies that essentially prohibit all members of the student body from painting dorm rooms and shared flats, because of this, your only real option for livening up your room is choosing carpeting and bedding to emphasize your personal taste preferences. Shopping online offers the broadest assortment of choices. Take the time to invest in a stylish comforter, carpeting, artwork and other accouterments to brighten up your flat. Avoid investing in items peppered with multiple colors as this can make your living quarters appear smallish and incredibly jumbled. Make a very deliberate and conscious effort to coordinate the colors in your dorm to complement each other very well.



Do you require more storage space?


Opt for dyed textile bins preferably, simply because they are more attractive than your typical, run-of-the-mill plastic containers, not to mention how quickly you can take them up at places like Bed, Bath and Beyond or IKEA. If you want a more street savvy appearance to your dorm room, you might consider using milk crates as container storage.

At the end of the day, when designing a very small surface area, like a dorm room, you must first optimize for practicality. Establish organization first, then feel free to decorate your dorm room anyway that you feel fit. Visit for more information.


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