UK Business Transfer Programme: Top 5 Benefits to Take the Course

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If you’ve always loved the art of selling, buying, marketing, managing talent, and any other activity related to business, you will reap the most rewards from taking a UK business transfer programme offered at many private education institutions in Malaysia. Check out the top five benefits to take the course:







Upon graduation as a business graduate, you’ll have plenty of choices when it comes to employment

  1. Various Career Opportunities upon Graduation

Upon graduation as a business graduate, you’ll have plenty of choices when it comes to employment. You can either work for a charity, small private company, large commercial organisation, or start your own business venture in practically any field, from tech to fashion.








In other words, you get to be a real expert in something and capitalise on your knowledge

  1. Be a Real Expert in Something

Through the programme’s specialisation, you get to further polish your strengths and skills in many business pathways, such as entrepreneurship, business, logistics, human resource management, marketing, or finance. In other words, you get to be a real expert in something and capitalise on your knowledge, whether through full-time employment or self-employment.







A UK business transfer programme typically requires you to learn every area of business for the first two years of your studies

  1. Have a Solid Business Foundation

A UK business transfer programme typically requires you to learn every area of business for the first two years of your studies, before moving on to a specialised pathway of your choice. Some of the crucial business foundation that will be taught during your first two years include business problem solving, information management, and financial decision-making.







you get to do your first two years in Malaysia before finishing your senior year at any partnering UK universities of your choice

  1. Experience Best of Both Worlds

Through the programme, you get to do your first two years in Malaysia before finishing your senior year at any partnering UK universities of your choice, based on the business programme you take. This will give you the platform to interact with many people of different nationalities, a must-have skill in business.








If your dream is to work at major international companies such as Procter & Gamble

  1. A Chance to Work at International Companies

If your dream is to work at major international companies such as Procter & Gamble, IBM, Sainsbury, Xerox, Barclays Bank, or Marks and Spencer, you’re in for a treat, as you’ll get the chance to work at an international company in the UK.



The best UK business transfer programme should at least have partnerships with established UK education institutions, offers an internship programme or other hands-on opportunities, offers specialisation, and teaches you the foundation of business.

4 Types of Schooling System in Malaysia: How to Choose the Best One for You

Malaysia is considered as having one of the best education systems in Asia. The presence of multi-racial and multi-lingual communities gives uniqueness to its educational environment. That is why choosing a school is already a fascinating episode for both parents and students. However, choosing one is not an easy task. You have to consider the programs and the differences among schools. That’s why you have to be familiar first with the different types of schooling system. This way, you will know which one is the best for you or your child.




  1. The International School System

International schools have a diverse mix of foreign and Malaysian students. Customary in these types of school, the medium of instruction is English. Parents intending to enroll their children in an international school are advised to first review its program offerings. For instance, the POWIIS in Malaysia offers one of the best British education system adapted into the Malaysian setting. The students are primed to have the edge to qualify for higher education which will eventually lead to far-reaching career opportunities.


  1. The Independent School System

The independent school system refers to private institutions established by local educationalists. The system generally follows the curriculum of the Ministry of Education (MOE) but offers more in terms of student enrichment because of their upgraded facilities. Non-academic subjects and extra-curricular activities lend support to academic progress. Compared to public schools, there are fewer students per class. There is stronger school-parent interface as well. Malaysian families who can afford to pay the tuition fees in full may opt to enroll their children in these schools.


  1. The State Education System

The state education system refers to the public schools governed by the state with an MOE prescribed curriculum. They are tactically located throughout the country for accessibility. Their national language, Bahasa Malaysia, is given importance and is also used as the medium of instruction. Fees required here are minimal.


  1. The Mandarin / Tamil System

These are known as the vernacular schools that cater to specific racial or cultural communities like the Chinese and Indians. Such ethnic groups want to keep their heritage intact by using their respective languages, either Mandarin or Tamil and at the same time promote their cultural values. These schools have gained the distinction of providing good quality education to students within their communities.


Always remember to tailor-fit your educational needs to the available school systems. Choosing what is best is as wonderful as making the decision. This way, the school and your education will help you achieve your career objectives.

5 Things Expats Need to Consider When Choosing An International School in Malaysia

Choosing an international school that complements your child’s education needs in Malaysia is as exhilarating as it is unnerving. If you’re an expat parent who is adjusting to a new life in Malaysia, you’re likely to be engulfed by a wave of decisions on the local curriculum and after-school programs. Determining the best international school for your child is vital, and we’re here to help you step in the right direction.


Check the Fee Structure  

Comparing the fee structures from different international schools would provide a hint on a tuition fee that is comfortable to your household’s financial planning. In Malaysia, kindergarten enrollment may cost you between RM8,400 and RM73,644 annually. For your older kids in Year 12 and 13, expect to set aside between RM23,400 and RM98,839 for yearly tuition fees. Get informed about what’s included in the fee; such as uniforms, after-school activities, text books, etc, so you’ll have a general idea about what extra fee to expect.


Choose the Right Syllabus 

The opportunity to learn an international syllabus in a Malaysian landscape is a unique education experience of its own. The British National Curriculum, the Australian Curriculum, International Baccalaureate, and the American Syllabus are some of the sought-after syllabi taught in Malaysia’s international schools. Consider the curriculum your child was following in your country, and what he/she will follow in the case of moving abroad afterwards. This should help you pick the suitable one.


Pick a Strategically Located School 

Settling for an international school that is close to your home will save you a lot of time, more so with Malaysia being notorious for their peak-hour traffic congestion. Heed our advice and the morning traffic crawl would become the least of your worries whenever your kids are running late for school. If you really can’t find a suitable school near your house, pick one that’s reachable by public transportation. At least you don’t have to drive through stress-inducing traffic jam to drop off your children to school.


Ask about Extra Curricular Activities  

What happens beyond the four walls of your child’s classroom is as important as what happens indoors. That’s why the activities offered by a school should be a factor of consideration. Most international schools in Malaysia provide an impressive range of extra-curricular activities. Prince of Wales International School for instance, has clubs and classes dedicated to astronomy, percussion ensemble, Chinese calligraphy, photography, and more.


Find a Well-Facilitated School 

The part and parcel of a wholesome learning experience is a school that is kitted out with a variety of facilities. Some schools provide boarding facilities, while others are equipped with concert halls, science laboratories, indoor swimming pools, and gymnasium. Visit each school to see the facilities they have. Usually, the better equipped the school is, the more expensive the fees are.

Whether you’re deciding on an international syllabus for your child’s education, or a school that caters to their after-school needs, these tips will come in handy for expat parents who are on the fence about finding the best international school for their child in Malaysia.

International Boarding Schools in Malaysia: What’s Available and How Much They Cost

Nelson Mandela once said, “education is the most powerful weapon which you can use compare-and-decide-which-international-boarding-school-to-goto change the world.” That is why parents invest in quality education for their children’s future. How will you know that you are giving your child the education that he deserves? There are traditional schools, home schooling options, and boarding schools. Boarding schools is a growing trend in Malaysia. It promotes after-class activities which gives students the opportunity to harness their potential in sports, arts, theater, and others. Below, we look at the some of the international boarding schools in Malaysia and compare prices.

The International School of Penang (Uplands  The school harnesses a multicultural and multiracial community that adopts a mix of International Baccalaureate (IB) and International General Certificates of Secondary Education (IGSCE) programme. It prides itself with being the one of the oldest international schools in the country . Tuition fee ranges from RM15,900 to RM23,800.



Marlborough College Malaysia  A counterpart of the English school, it follows and extends the national curriculum. Apart from its wide range of extra-curricular activities, it has a pastoral and tutor system, wherein students can dialogue and discuss their opinions freely with their teachers. Fees range from RM25,750 to RM59,000.



Nexus International School  Next to the IGSCE education that your child will get, your child’s many talents and potentials will not be sidetracked at this progressive school. It takes on an emphasis on learning by doing and on social skills. Like other international schools, it has a wide range of extra curricular activities, however since it is a progressive school it puts collaboration in to the centre. Boarding charges cost RM39,000 per annum.



Prince of Wales Island International School If you are looking for an international boarding school in Penang that puts an emphasis on its pastoral system then go with this. Teachers monitor the academic excellence as well as the extra-curricular activities of the students. Course fees range from RM12,600 to RM14,700, with three terms per year. Boarding fees range from RM12,000 to RM13,500 per term.

Boarding schools give children more opportunity to play and collaborate with their friends. With the schools above, parents need not worry about their children being away for too long as they are just in the country.

International Schools in Malaysia


When looking to get the best education for your children, one of the options you can consider is international boarding school. These are special schools that allow students to get the best possible education and also help them develop skills of self-sufficiency. Like many other commitments you may need to make, it is very important to carefully evaluate a Malaysia international school. Since you are looking to get your child the best education possible, it will be important to evaluate aspects of the school such as the curriculum, the quality of the teachers, the costs and also the graduation rates. By going over and evaluating these aspects of the school, you will be better informed and able to send your child to the international school that best meets their needs.



The first thing you will need to evaluate when sending your child to an international school is the curriculum. It will be very important to make sure that they will be taught courses and subjects that will help them get into college and/or be well prepared for the workplace once they graduate. Courses that are typically required to get into colleges and classes that prepare students for adult life with certain skills will provide them with the ideal educational institution to attend during their secondary school years.



Another thing that will be important to evaluate with an international school is the teachers. Since teachers instruct students in classes it will be important to make sure that they are well qualified. Make sure that they have the right credentials for teaching as well as their reputation among other students and parents. It will also be important to make sure that they have an extensive knowledge of the subject matter they are teaching and also the proven ability to teach coursework in ways that students can easily learn.



As with any other educational institution that is not publicly funded, it will be important to evaluate the costs of international schools. While you want your children to get the best education possible it will also be important to make sure that it is affordable for you as well. Therefore find out about the costs and fees for sending your child to an international school so that you can make sure that it won’t be too expensive for your personal finances. With affordable costs, you will then be in better position to send your child to a good international school.



Lastly, you will want to find out about the graduation rates. This will let you know how often the students complete the educational program and move on to other opportunities such as college and the workforce. With high graduation rates it will prove that the international school is of high quality and enables students to successfully complete the program. It will also let you know that the school is of excellent quality and ensure that your child will get the best education that they can possibly get.

International Boarding School


For many students, they require an experience like no other when they want to attend a higher education level school. In most cases, they want an international feel so that when they graduate, they are capable of being employed across the globe.

Prince Of Wales Island International School In Malaysia 

One of the Malaysia international schools that offers exceptional boarding and private level schooling is the Prince of Wales Island International School. Students will receive an excellent A level education in the midst of a great atmosphere in Malaysia. The Prince of Wales Island International School can be found at so that students and parents alike can look into all the different aspects of this fantastic system. They can learn about the curriculum and how to go about applying for this opportunity to study abroad.

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Education And Cultural Aspects Are Focused On At The Prince Of Wales Island International School In Malaysia 

In Malaysia, an international school will give the student the experience of the culture, getting to know the people and a top level education. This is essential for a well-rounded education that will give the student an edge over their competitors in their peer group and in the employment sector that they wish to enter into. For students that like to excel, they will find that there will be plenty of extra-curricular activities that they can join to make their experience even more outstanding when they are in the Prince of Wales Island International School system.

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Students And Parents Alike Receive The Information That They Need To Make A Great Decision About The Prince of Wales Island International School In Malaysia 

At the Prince of Wales Island International School,, students and parents will get the information that they need in order to make a sound decision on whether this type of education is the right choice. They will see that the school is fully staffed at all times for both educational and domestic reasons. If the student needs assistance at any time, they will be given priority. This is important as the student learns and develops into a mature adult at a school in Malaysia that is international, the Prince of Wales Island International School. From the years 7 -13, the school is completely co-educational. Students will thrive in the environment, and learning will take place on a daily schedule. Personal growth, satisfaction and knowledge can all be expected for a young person that wants to make their life take on an added meaning.

A private school in Malaysia may just be the answer to a student’s needs when it comes to an education that will make a difference like no other one can. They will find that learning about different cultures will make them more employable in the workforce, allowing them to move into higher positions than they ever dreamed possible. The Prince of Wales Island International School can be found at for information and the ability to apply for the program.


Benefits of International Schools in Malaysia

There are few decisions more important in a child’s life than where they receive their education. In Malaysia, there are going to be a lot of options. One is going to be to join a Malaysia international school. This is a school that brings together students from all over the world into a melting pot of separate and different cultures. Some schools will have children representing as many as 60 different nationalities. This is a great opportunity for learning, growth and understanding that most people in the world could not dream of. Combine the cultural growth along with the benefits of a boarding school in Malaysia and a child in that experience will become an understanding, wise, accepting and independent adult. Here are some reasons why a person should seriously consider this type of education for their children.

Exposure to High Quality Teachers

Attending a boarding school in Malaysia is going to provide a student the opportunity to work with some highly qualified and motivated educators. They work to provide the highest level of academic support that is encouraging students to reach their peak in academic, emotional and even physical development. In the boarding school atmosphere, there is a constant, kind supervision that allows students to feel a safe part of their international community. Making the choice to work in this environment is one that draws those individuals who are dedicated to helping students grow into their potential. Students leaving these educational experiences are consistently better prepared for the next stage of life.

Specialized Attention
A boarding school in Malaysia is going to provide its students with an educational setting that is totally unique because the classes are smaller and the ratio of students to teachers is ideal to promote a powerful educational experience. They are encouraged to learn how to build camaraderie, friendship, trust, honesty and a power common experience between students and their educators. The community living experience helps to build an awareness and understanding of the needs of others as well as a student’s personal needs. This will lead to a great tolerance for those who are different and an understanding of the diversity that naturally exists in the world.

Fantastic Preparation for University

For those who do not attend a Malaysia international school, the transition to college is much more difficult. All of the lessons in independent living learned at boarding school have to be learned when a student heads off to University. This can cause adjustment problems that might affect academic achievement. The skills built at boarding school allow students to embrace the college life and more easily handle the academic expectations. They are well versed in how to study and live independently, which is going to lead to success.

Immersion in Learning

Attending this type of school provides a classroom for a student that is working 24 hours a day. The classroom learning is central and always has a personalized feel to it. When living in this environment there is a natural appreciation for a student’s unique qualities that they contribute to the environment. Intelligence, athleticism, curiosity or artistic skills can all be celebrated, accepted and enhanced in this type of educational situation. All students learn to celebrate and appreciate the contributions of others. These lessons can be learned in the classroom, in the dorm or just spending time with friends.