International Schools in Malaysia


There is perhaps no time more important for a child than their time spent in education, the choice of schools in which to send your child can often seem like an intimidating task. The following information aims to help alleviate some of that stress by providing information that every parent should have when deciding on the type of education for their child.


Why Choose an International School

Curriculum Choices


There is a plethora of reasons that an international Malaysian school is the right decision for your child, an advantage of going international is the variety of curriculum on offer. International schools in Malaysia offer curriculum based on Australian, British, American or Canadian school systems. This can is offered from age 3 to graduation, allowing the child’s entire education to be completed in the same fashion. Along with these different curriculum many of the international schools in Malaysia offer the International Baccalaureate option which is becoming a popular choice in Europe. The schooling offered at these international schools is widely excepted by universities around the world.



The predominant language used is English, although other languages are also taught. English language programs are also offered for non native English speakers. International schools offer a wide array of classes that may not be available at public schools, such as performing arts, music, literature and others.
The quality of teaching at these schools is kept to a high standard, with teachers being trained to deliver on curriculum promises. Many of the teachers employed are from other countries, providing a culturally diverse learning environment for children. This coupled with lower teacher to student ratio provides for an excellent opportunity for any child.


The Country


International schools in Malaysia are valued not just for their curriculum but also for there location, the country of Malaysia is full of attractions. The field trip and excursion opportunities are endless, the warm climate offers opportunities for numerous outdoor activities and learning experiences through hands on teaching from the seaside’s to the rainforests to the highlands. Malaysia is a multi cultural country where students will be immersed in a variety of languages, cultures and traditions promoting the philosophy of building the global citizen. The Malaysian government takes an active role in ensuring quality of the educational system, making sure they are at a global standard. All these benefits coupled with a low cost of living make Malaysia a very attractive option for international schooling.


Opportunities for Parents and Students


If considering enrolling your child in an international school there are options for parents who wish to reside in the country under the Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) program. Along with this children will be able to study full time in the country without having to apply for a student visa.
The MM2H program comes with many benefits for parents wishing to be close to their children while they attend international schools. Under the program parents will have the ability to have 100% ownership of their business as well as the ability to work a maximum amount of 20 hours a week if over the age of 50. This program allows for parents to invest in not only businesses but stock markets and funds. Tax-free Car incentives are available and are also eligible for both housing and car loans.
Not only will students be gaining a valuable education by choosing an international school they will grow into a more independent and experienced person. International schools will help children grow into more well rounded individuals, they will develop increased self-confidence, belief, maturity and gain important perspective of different cultures. International schools stand by their mantra “ELC”, Excellence, Loyalty and Commitment.


What to look for


Finding a job can be a tough task in such a competitive market place, which makes it essential to have a world class education. International schools provide the opportunity to excel through a huge range of academic subjects and many extra curricular activities.
Malaysia currently has 90 international schools with a further 25 in production, all educating more than 38, 000 students. This can make the decision to choose a skill daunting and challenging, however it is a decision that should not be rushed or taken lightly.


School Ownership


A straightforward indication of a schools quality can be established through its ownership and history. When looking at ownership it is important to ascertain whether the school is a branch of a foreign school, which has been setup by academics living abroad, or the result of an acquisition of a franchise by a local. If it is owned locally parents must find out whether the operator is properly trained in the running of the schools system. It is very important for the local to run the school as effectively as the representatives of the original academy.
The schools license must also be observed along with whether or not the school has been licensed by international school bodies. This is important for when the child is applying to colleges in the future as they will want an accredited school.


Teacher Quality and Exam Success



Parents should take into account the schools exam success rate, this can be found in international papers which can be acquired through the school. This could not only indicate the teaching quality of the school but give some perspective into the syllabuses effectiveness. Most schools have a teacher to student ratio of 15-25, this can vary so it is important to find out this information before committing to a school. Along with this parents must find out what kind of teaching qualifications the school requires.


Curriculum Choices


A benefit of an international school is some of the options available to students, many schools offer classes that are not available at public schools such as art, music, literature, languages and many others. It is important to know the needs to your child before selecting a curriculum, Australian, American, Canadian and the IB program focus more on Coursework while the IGCSE focuses mainly on exams.


Government Policies


Malaysian schools must be accredited and registered by the government, teachers must be approved and registered in order to work at international schools. It is the law that teachers must gain a permit to teach, this is a very tough process that ensures only quality teaches are approved. In some cases schools will even import teachers to make sure that the curriculum is taught effectively.


Facilities, Equipment and Environment

It is important for parents to make sure that the school they are selecting are well equipped, they should have a fully equipped library, computer room, auditorium, gymnasium, sports fields and pool. All of these facilities will aide in the development of your child along with helping in find new skills and activities. It is essential that schools have wireless internet capabilities, this will help in fostering knowledge for the digital age and can be used for in classroom learning.


If only the child will be attending the school parents must look into the boarding facilities. These boarding houses allow for easy access to the schools and are supervised by house masters who help in developing a sense of family among the students. Boarding houses are an important place to teach students independence, responsibility and discipline.


Location and Cost


The location of a school should also be considered, most schools are placed in accessible areas however the proximity to residential areas and other infrastructure should be taken into account.


The affordability factor is a huge benefit of choosing schools in Malaysia, fees range from around RM20,000 to RM40,000 per year. This is very competitive compared to countries like Singapore, Thailand, and Australia.


Choosing a new school for your child is an extremely difficult task but undertaking the necessary research and taking the time to observe these various institutions is vital in choosing a great school.


Private School Setup


To setup a private school one must submit an application to the Division of Private Education of the Ministry of Education. The establishment must abide by the Education act 1996m Regulations of Education and Related circular issues.


The following steps bust ne undertaken: detail the institution, details of applicants, details of management and administration, details of the institution curriculum/courses/training programs and Details of the physical structure of the institution.
After the submission of this documentation the applicant will be required to do a presentation to Jawatankuasa Penubuhan.

When Babies Start To Learn And How You Can Give Them A Head Start

Congratulations on the little wonder you’re holding in your arms or is growing inside of you. As any concerned mommy, you’re probably wondering what is the best way to get your little ones noggin a good jump start. Well their education can actually start when they’re still in the womb. At around 18 to 19 weeks they can hear you, so practice your singing, read your favorite story to them. We’ve all heard that playing classical music to you baby while it’s still in the womb can be very beneficial to their brain development, but don’t be afraid to play your favorite song to your little one as well. It’s never too early to teach them good taste in music.

While you can only do so much while they’re still inside of the womb, The real fun can begin once your little bundle of joy has decided to come out and join the rest of the world.

Early childhood education in Malaysia is important


Hello world! (First 3 months)
Your baby is here! They’re so little and everything is so new to them, but new borns are near sighted at this stage in life. Everything is kind of fuzzy to them until you get close, they mostly notice your hairline or your moving mouth. They love to see faces but can only really see primary colors, most will decorate a nursery in black and white with a splash of red. Some ways to help stimulate your baby’s brain:
• Lay them down on a blanket and let them gaze at the mobile
• Kiss little feet and cheeks, interact with them while they’re still awake
• Sing. even if you’re out of tune, they love your voice.
• Let them try to roll over. As cute as they are holding your baby constantly can keep them from trying to learn how to move on their own. They need to try to tone they’re little muscles so they can learn how to scooch.
• Go to the pool. Holding your baby while in the shallow end of the pool can help them develop their leg muscles. Studies shown that when infants were back in the water they would mimic walking, but while outside of the water they seemed to have forgotten.
• Talk in funny voices and pitches. Speak slowly so they can see how your mouth works and they can try to mimic it. Be sure to make funny sounds as well, just because it’s hilarious.

Ah! Now they won’t sit still!
Now they have graduated from scooting to crawling, and just want to take on the world. At this stage you can:
• Let them touch everything! Well almost everything, buy a kids book that has different fabrics and textures in it. They’re learning that not everything is the same.
• Talk to them as if they understand you. Talk to them in a normal voice every so often, keep it up because they’re learning how to communicate through others from you.
• Establish a bed time routine. Bath, bed time story. It well help you later down the road.
• Baby exercising. Critter is too little to go to the gym, and you’re probably wondering when you can get your pre-baby body back. Hold your baby and do some squats, don’t forget the rocket noises!

As they get older little ones are looking more and more to you on how to interact with the world.
• Teach them how to share by handing back the things they hand you.
• When they fall be sure to not act like the world has ended and with a smile encourage them to get back up. This can build confidence.
• Let them make some choices. Don’t ask opened ended questions but give them a choice of “ macaroni or spaghetti” this can help them become more confident in answering questions once they start school.

Once they are old enough to head out on their own (going to school) Begin to designate a homework time, even if they don’t have homework have them do a fun work sheet or take time to color. They will learn to set aside time later in life for work or school and be less likely to say they don’t have homework when really they do. Early childhood education in Malaysia is important and can start a lot sooner than most think.

Hopefully these tips can help you in connecting with your child and prepare them to interact with the world around them and to learn from it.

Advice on Law Studies From a Former Law Student

The Legal Profession-A noble profession indeed. Little wonder why so many people are interested in pursuing it.


For one thing, law is intriguing; it never fails to amaze, and it is never dull or boring, because there’s always new things to learn in the Legal System; laws are constantly changing, and one has to be able to keep up with such rapidly-changing concepts.



Wanting to study law is one thing, actually studying is another. As any accomplished legal professional will tell you, it can be a rewarding task, but it is not easy. But then again, shouldn’t we expect something as unique as the above subject to be so simple. If it were, you might not appreciate it as much.


But how does one go about studying about law, and what can they expect? Well, they can expect that it will be challenging; it will be mind-boggling at first, learning new legal terms, some which are in Latin, which can be even more of a challenging, as well as learning about the different types of law, such as family law, business law, criminal law, real estate law and so forth.


If you happen to live in Malaysia, there’s a vista of educational opportunities waiting for you, and the legal profession may well be one of them. In fact, you can attend a law college in Malaysia, which can help you to pursue your most prestigious career.



With a law college in Malaysia, you have the same opportunities to master the legal profession as you would anywhere else in the world. You will, like in any other college, learn the fundamentals or basics of law, as well as the previous-mentioned examples of some of the kinds of laws you might learn.


But there’s a bit of advice on law studies: don’t expect to think you will learn everything in one semester or even two. Law is a very complex subject, so no matter how long you attend college, you will never come to end of learning about law. Law is an endless process that can literally last a lifetime, that’s why a legal firm is generally referred to as a practice. Because even when you become a bona fide lawyer or attorney, you will never stop learning.


Another thing too is that you have to be extremely self-disciplined. Certainly you would not think that something as complex as the above subject is something you can take casually, absolutely not. This is a profession that involves a lot of hard work and determination, but in the long run it will well be worth it.


So, as you can see-if you’re not already aware of it-the legal profession is indeed an exciting one, but one that is not without its challenges. And just to think, there’s one right in your community, yes, you can go to a law college in Malaysia.


The legal profession is waiting for you, but are you ready for it? Only if you take your studies seriously and you are determined to be a success.

How to Create an Epic Dorm Room: Tips for Guys


Frankly, it is naive to slip into the same, common routines as every other student in a boarding school with cheesy, preadolescent decorations from neighborhood gift shops and swap meets. Decorating your dorm is similar to expressing yourself with fashion or investing in a car because those items are ultimately an external way of conveying our interests and projecting an identity of yourself to the others in your environment. If you really want to stand head and shoulders above the majority of students entering boarding school this year, you’ll have to stay ahead of the curve and innovate. Taking the time to factor these rules into your dorm room renovations will enable you to take full advantage of the opportunity you have to create the inviting atmosphere you’ve always dreamed of for your first year of boarding school, and all the years to follow.

Minimalism matters


Minimalism is your best friend when it comes to decorating.

Minimalism is your best friend when it comes to decorating. Do you really need to have a gigantic sound system in your room? Do you really need to own 20 pairs of shoes and a plasma TV? Minimalism enables you to streamline the appearance of your dorm room as well as quickly reducing potential clutter, ultimately, making your living quarters extremely attractive and easy to maintain. Please stick to the bare necessities: bed, desk, pillow, school books, laptop, a few basic clothing and essential grooming items. Anything you feel that you missed out can always be added or replaced. Essentially, the goal of this operation is to make your life as simple as streamlined as possible.


The rules of symmetry


Hide any potential clutter by storing it in an affordable storage box, and put it under bed.

Take the time to convince your flatmate to mirror the way your side of the room looks because mirroring is the quickest way to ensure that your room actually appears much larger than it actually is. All of your big ticket items, like beds, desks and drawers should mirror each other for optimal results… and for the rest of the room? Posters and pencils on a dresser matters very little when it comes to mirroring. Don’t want to look like you’re overdoing it, just the major items will do. Want to know another way to make your flat feel larger than it really is? Hide any potential clutter by storing it in an affordable storage box, similar to the ones you’ll find at Walmart or Target, allowing you to quickly stash any clutter under your bed or in a closet, in an organized fashion.


Select Designs


Avoid investing in items peppered with multiple colors

Schools typically enact very stern policies that essentially prohibit all members of the student body from painting dorm rooms and shared flats, because of this, your only real option for livening up your room is choosing carpeting and bedding to emphasize your personal taste preferences. Shopping online offers the broadest assortment of choices. Take the time to invest in a stylish comforter, carpeting, artwork and other accouterments to brighten up your flat. Avoid investing in items peppered with multiple colors as this can make your living quarters appear smallish and incredibly jumbled. Make a very deliberate and conscious effort to coordinate the colors in your dorm to complement each other very well.



Do you require more storage space?


Opt for dyed textile bins preferably, simply because they are more attractive than your typical, run-of-the-mill plastic containers, not to mention how quickly you can take them up at places like Bed, Bath and Beyond or IKEA. If you want a more street savvy appearance to your dorm room, you might consider using milk crates as container storage.

At the end of the day, when designing a very small surface area, like a dorm room, you must first optimize for practicality. Establish organization first, then feel free to decorate your dorm room anyway that you feel fit. Visit for more information.


Tips for decorate male dorm room


Top Reasons Why Law Studies Might Be the Right Choice for You


Choosing what to study in school is important because it will affect your career. It can be difficult to make a choice. Law studies are unique because they have most of the positive aspects of other fields without many of the drawbacks. You should know the top reasons why law studies might be the right choice for you.

Interesting and Diverse Courses

One of the main reasons that you might enjoy law studies is that there are interesting and diverse courses to choose from today. This is because there are many different types of law that you could study. You could decide to learn criminal law so that you can defend or prosecute the accused. You could study international trade so that you can help multinational companies. There are many other courses such as international arbitration, oil and gas law or construction law. You can learn much more at about the wide variety of courses that are available.

Combine Law Studies with Other Fields

Another reason many people choose law studies is that those courses can be combined with other fields of study. Some areas of the law actually involve broader courses. An example is if you go into some type of business law. You are going to learn how the law works while also being taught important business management techniques and practises. The same is true if you decide to go into financial law or trade law. This helps to broaden your basic skill set and your ability to work across multiple industries. These types of law studies can make you a much more valuable and effective employee.

Find a Job Easily After Graduation

Some degrees that you can earn will not necessarily lead to a good job once you are done with school. This could be because you need to build extensive experience or are entering a saturated job market. You do not usually have to worry about these problems when you pursue a degree in law. Your skills are always going to be needed. The law is constantly changing and evolving. The law affects businesses and individuals across all fields and backgrounds. This means that you are most likely going to have an easy time finding a good job in the legal field after you graduate.

Potentially Serve Your Community, Friends or Family Members


You can provide real legal advice or even do legal work for those people when they are in trouble.

Law studies will give you skills that you can apply anywhere for any person or business. This is different from some other specialised fields where you can use your skills only under very specific circumstances or with expensive equipment. The skills you learn and your degree can allow you to potentially serve your community or help friends and family members. You can provide real legal advice or even do legal work for those people when they are in trouble. The amount of good you can do with your legal skills is a reason that many people choose law studies.

Law studies can lead to a long and successful career. You can be mobile and even start your own business providing legal services to others. It does take time and dedication in order to learn everything necessary for law studies although the effort is well worth it.

The Science of Law Careers

Teaching Children to Study: 4 Steps to Inspire Your Children With Knowledge

When your children come home from school with grades on their exams, you aren’t necessarily expecting perfection; however, you are expecting that your children at least tried to do well. Lately, you’ve been noticing that your children aren’t studying, and you want to learn some techniques to help them sharpen those skills.


Create a Quiet Space


Imagine that you were trying to perform a task in peace and quiet. However, your baby brother was screaming, and the dish washer was running. On top of that, you could hear all of your friends outside playing a game of basketball, and every once in awhile, you’d hear the sounds of a television in a room down the hall. When you don’t provide your children with a quiet place to study, you aren’t giving them the space they need to perform such tasks. Whether you allow them to go into the office or you carve out a space in their rooms for studying and homework only, doing so gives them an area to study in.

Stock the Space Properly


While you may think that a computer is an important study tool, it is probably more of a distraction than anything else. Whether your children attend the local public school or an international school in Kuala Lumpur, they do not spend the entire day on the computer. Having a laptop that can be moved when they are studying from the textbook is a wise idea. Also, you need to make sure that the study space is stocked with materials. Provide them with pens, pencils, erasers, a calendar, notebooks, a dictionary and other material that they may need.

Help Them Plan Studying


Perhaps your children aren’t studying because they are overwhelmed by the prospect of doing so. When they hear that a test is coming up, they feel anxiety about all of the chapters that they need to review. Instead of allow them to continue down this path, help them to plan out their studying. They will need a planner to do so. Decide which chapters they are going to review on which dates, and the night before the test, they can go over all of the chapters.

Quiz Them

Part of helping your children to learn how to study better involves having an active role in this experience. You don’t want to constantly hover over them when they are studying because that is not going to help them develop the independent skills that they need. However, you can quiz them before the exam. Whether you use index cards or create a mock test, you are helping them to try out their skills in a testing setting. After awhile, your children will likely develop the skills necessary to test themselves on the material.

Children playing quiz to learn how to study better.

Children are taught many lessons in school, but as parents, you need to teach them how to study at home. Teachers can provide them with tips, but you are the ones who will put them into action since you are in the home environment.

How Traveling Widely Benefits Young Children

international private school4


Sometimes parents hesitate to send their youngsters to private boarding schools due to concerns about travel. Yet traveling widely does offer a number of benefits for children. Many international private schools recognize this aspect of studying abroad and make efforts to ensure that the students in their care gain exposure to historic sites and national landmarks within the host nation. Three benefits of childhood travel concern cultural exposure, language skill development and intellectual curiosity.


international private school5
The Benefits of Traveling


Cultural Exposure

Children who travel extensively benefit by obtaining exposure to other cultures. Although all human societies share some problems in common, people in different places developed remarkably different solutions to these challenges. This diversity enriches life. By traveling abroad, a child may gain insight into the lifestyles, customs, traditions, and attitudes of people in distant locales. The youngster’s perspective may widen as a consequence.


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For example, by journeying to another, very different place, a young person may obtain an opportunity to witness a different approach to resolving problems. A child accustomed to seeing everyone clothed in light, cotton garments in a tropical climates will certainly understand viscerally why some people wear heavy boots and coats if the child ventures into an Arctic environment. Without the ability to feel the physical sensation of icy cold weather, the full experience of life on the tundra might escape attention.


Language Skills


HELLO in eight different languages

Another benefit of foreign travel involves the development of language skills. Some parents choose to send their offspring to international private schools precisely in order to expose them to intensive academic work in another language. For example, some studies have shown that babies and very young children who hear foreign languages at an early stage in life develop the ability to pronounce the non-native words much better as students. The exposure to the nuances of native speakers makes an enduring impression, apparently.

Many children who journey abroad develop an “ear” that enables them to catch speech and pronunciation differences, at least with respect to languages that they hear during an early stage in life. Language instructors often recommend that pupils begin learning a foreign language in elementary school for this reason. International travel may allow a young child to detect the varying tones of different languages, and ultimately become a better linguist.


Intellectual Curiosity

One other possible benefit of foreign travel relates to the development of intellectual curiosity. Children who reside in a single location until adulthood may grow so familiar with the local culture that they consider their own culture’s solutions automatically, and discount the methods that other cultures discovered to address challenges. They enjoy the advantage of strong roots, but may lack flexibility. Although few academic studies address this issue, the phenomenon finds expression in many literary works. In former generations, people sometimes referred to poorly traveled individuals as “provincial,” i.e. reflecting the narrow intellectual impact of experiencing only a single, limited locale or province.


By exposing pupils extensively to cultural influences, such as museums, art galleries, and historic landmarks, adults can offer youngsters a broader intellectual perspective. Children who travel benefit by visiting these places. They may eventually form a more sophisticated perspective, at least in the sense that they gain a more comprehensive appreciation for the impact of other cultures on human society.


international private school2


Whether you choose to send your children to a distant academic institution, or you prefer to journey overseas with them, it benefits youngsters to experience some international travel, if possible. By observing people in distant locations, young people may gain a broader appreciation and understanding of foreign cultures, languages and ideas, thereby enriching their own lives.

The 3 Gifts Every Law Student Will Appreciate


Going to law school is one of the most stressful and important things that anyone can do in their lives. In order to fully succeed in law school, a person must have a great support system around them. There are many things that a significant other can do for someone that is going to law school to help them get through this difficult time in their life. Below are three gifts that every law student needs in order to maximize their chances of success.

A Great Laptop

In law school a student is going to be online the majority of the day. It is important that they have a laptop that is both fast and has a lot of processing memory. Nothing is more frustrating to a college student than a laptop that does not run quickly. In addition, having a good laptop means that the student will be able to maximize their chances of success. It is important that law studies are done so with the best technology possible, and that is why a great laptop makes so much sense as a gift to a law student.

Gift Cards to Restaurants

Law studies are a significant commitment in terms of both time and money. With that being said, many law students simply do not have the time to go home and make meals every night. Instead of eating a bunch of processed food that is not good for them, a family member or friend could pitch in to get a lot of gift cards to their favorite restaurants. Not only will this help them out in terms of time management, but it will also increase their morale about the entire situation. Sitting down at a nice restaurant to eat a good meal is something that not many people get to enjoy while they are in law school, and the student will certainly appreciate the effort on their behalf.


Finally, one of the biggest challenges in law studies is time management. A great interactive calendar is a huge gift that can pay big dividends for those that are currently studying in college. If a person has a good support system and the ability to manage their time properly, they have a much higher chance of success in finishing law school. At the end of the day, any of these gifts would be great for those that are in law school trying to finish.

How to Choose the Law Courses That Are Right for You

There are many different law courses available today. You want to find an area of the law that genuinely interests you and that matches your personality. It is not always easy to decide between courses because it might not be clear what each area of the law entails. You should know how to choose the law courses that are right for you.


Criminal Law

Criminal law prepares you to defend or prosecute people who have been accused of a crime. You learn the details of the law and the history of different legal precedents. You could work in private law firms or for the government in some cases. You could also start your own legal practice. Criminal law courses are a good choice if you want to help people in the community or contribute to the criminal justice system. This is a stable career path since defense lawyers will always be in demand.

Employment Law

Another area you can study is employment law. These law courses in Malaysia will teach you the complexities of hiring and dealing with employees within a business structure. You will be handling hiring and firing issues as well as legal problems surrounding workplace injuries or disputes. You could work independently or could find a job with a larger company. This is a career path for people who like the logical and technical details of the law.

Business Law

Business law courses cover a wide range of topics mostly dealing with the common legal issues facing companies today. You will learn many things from how to incorporate a company to dealing with product liability claims. You might spend time ensuring the business is legally compliant or could help by creating business policies that work within the law. You should choose this career if you want a high salary, diverse job opportunities and a busy schedule. Business law allows you to work in nearly any industry. The skills are also usable in your everyday life.

Commercial Contract Law

Another of set of courses you can pursue involve contract law. These courses will teach you all of the precise details that are needed to create legally binding contracts that benefit everyone signing the document. You could create contracts when companies merge or when companies outsource jobs. You might also create contracts for consumers signing up for services with a business. Commercial contract law is a good choice for people who enjoy writing more than litigating.

International Trade and Shipping Law

Law courses in Malaysia prepare you for a unique career working with companies that operate cargo ships or that do business across country borders regularly. You will learn laws and legal practices that most people do not know about. The laws deal with issues such as salvage rights, legal imports and ship sales. These courses will suit you if you want a career working for large international companies dealing with complicated legal issues.

10 Things Boarding School Taught Me About Life

Living away from home can be hard on anyone. For children, however, it can be especially challenging. International boarding school helps kids learn to cope in a new environment without the ready support of their parents. In addition, students enrolled in a boarding school come away with more than an education. They also learn valuable life lessons like those that follow.

International boarding school

1. Responsibility is a characteristic of maturity.

Children who are enrolled in a faraway school soon realize they must depend on themselves for unanswered questions and unmet needs. Parents and other family members are unavailable to take care of problems that may arise. Becoming more responsible is perhaps the most important trait for children to acquire as they grow up, as it prepares them for life-long experiences to come.

2. Self-motivation may be necessary to reach goals.

Although good quality schools are staffed with professional directors and educators who will encourage students to succeed, they can’t be ever-present to all students. Children often must learn to motivate themselves to overcome obstacles and reach goals.

3. Accountability is expected.

Although some children may experience a sense of freedom and escape from parental supervision, they will soon learn that they must be accountable to the school headmaster and their teachers. Being accountable to a non-family member can be even more demanding than to a parent, which can enhance a child’s maturity level.

4. Respect for authority is required everywhere.

Children who are spoiled or have an undeserved sense of entitlement or privilege may soon experience a rude awakening. The need to respect authority will quickly be instilled and enforced, which helps to bring children into a more natural order of behavior.

5. Self-discipline is the key to success.

Learning how to manage personal time and a school schedule are valuable skills for children in boarding school. These skills will carry over into their adult life and professional career.

6. Diversity should be respected.

Living in an international school typically exposes children to students from other cultures, possibly from other countries. Learning to get along with non-native students and treat them with respect provides a foundational cornerstone for a global future.

7. Cultures are unique and interesting.

If a child lives in a school in another country, exposure to a new culture can be very enlightening and socially stimulating. Learning about a new region in a different part of the world is an enriching experience.

8. Communication media may require adaptation.

Depending on the school’s location, students may need to adapt to different communication media. A cell phone and texting might no longer work reliably. Instead, applications like Skype or a video camera exchange, along with email if Internet service is available, may be necessary.

9. Self-reliance is the bottom line.

As children become adjusted to a new school, they begin to discover their own limitations and capabilities. They learn that they must rely on themselves more than on anyone else. This is another way in which they begin to mature into responsible young adults.

10. People are often the same everywhere.

Living and studying among people of other races and ethnicities in a foreign country will be an eye-opening experience for students. It also shows over time that, in general, people are often the same wherever you go. Although coping mechanisms may be needed and students will probably mature more rapidly in a school away from home, they will also learn to appreciate the value of human nature around the world.

A boarding-school experience prepares students for a successful future. With few negatives, it offers a well-rounded experience and a beneficial education.