Surprising Ways Video Games Can Be Educational

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Yes, not all video games are bad. In fact, they have been proven to be beneficial, helping to enhance hand eye coordination, boost memory and enable children to think outside the box. To help your child obtain the most out of their video game habit, supplement everyday life lessons and crucial study skills into every play session.

Video games come in many genres that range from first-person shooters, role-playing games to adventure games and many more – and yes, a wide variety of them aren’t suitable for kids. Which is why it’s important that parents sift through the list of games that are available in stores to see if they are suitable or not.

Like adult themes that are prevalent in many movies today, the last thing your child needs is to be exposed to the dark corners of entertainment. Rather than leaving your child alone to be entertained by the flashing lights that flicker across the screen, take part and engage with them and just have a light banter.

1. Perseverance  

Video games are easily accessible but can be tough to master. Through multiple attempts at making it past a tough stage, or figuring out how to tackle a particular brain teaser, the sense of satisfaction when one solves it is second to none. Over time, this builds perseverance which in turn teaches children to dig deep and not give up easily. The next time your child is worried about failing an upcoming test, remind her that failing is part of growing up and that every setback offers a chance to pick yourself up to try again.

2. Foster teamwork

Literacy researcher James Gee recommends using video games to help teach kids to “collaborate to solve difficult problems.” Video games that share cooperative gameplay encourages kids to set aside their differences and work in tandem to make it past an objective. A game session not only fosters teamwork, it’s also great fun for kids.

3. Problem Solving

It’s true what they say about practice makes perfect and what better way to teach problem solving skills than by engaging in a game. As he may be stumped on a particular stage or question, a quick hint or encouragement may be all he needs to solve it. Some may enjoy indulging in a quick Sudoku session every now and then, while others may prefer the crossword puzzles that are supplemented in daily newspapers – it’s imperative that parents don’t force their kids to partake in leisure activities that they aren’t interested in.

4. Independence

Too much handholding or smothering of affection is bad and can have a detrimental effect on one. Sometimes all we need is a little breathing room to have a little alone time to gather our thoughts. As kids grow up, they will want to start becoming a little more independent and may not want help – even when they need it. Video games are often plastered with helpful onscreen tips that appear when an objective is given or when a player is stumped and starts to wander around aimlessly. Give your child some light reminders by leaving sticky note “hints” to help him get through chores to homework while still supporting his self-reliance. 

5. Research

Part of the reason why video games are so popular is that it’s a gateway to stay fully immerse in world that lets us assume the role of a particular character we have always wanted to be. It is one thing to watch a pirate swash-buckle his way through hordes of enemies but another to actually use a controller to work your way around them. Historical games like Assassin’s Creed or Total War can encourage kids to uncover the facts from behind the game. By checking out the many sites that talk about the deep lore that encompasses a game such as Assassin’s Creed, this will in turn foster a habit of researching at a young age.

As the credits roll

The engaging, highly interactive, fictional worlds of video games are a great avenue for kids to learn and grow. Give your child that extra push into translating games to life lessons, and he might just feel more pumped about solving the challenges that may come his way.

Benefits of International Schools in Malaysia

There are few decisions more important in a child’s life than where they receive their education. In Malaysia, there are going to be a lot of options. One is going to be to join a Malaysia international school. This is a school that brings together students from all over the world into a melting pot of separate and different cultures. Some schools will have children representing as many as 60 different nationalities. This is a great opportunity for learning, growth and understanding that most people in the world could not dream of. Combine the cultural growth along with the benefits of a boarding school in Malaysia and a child in that experience will become an understanding, wise, accepting and independent adult. Here are some reasons why a person should seriously consider this type of education for their children.

Exposure to High Quality Teachers

Attending a boarding school in Malaysia is going to provide a student the opportunity to work with some highly qualified and motivated educators. They work to provide the highest level of academic support that is encouraging students to reach their peak in academic, emotional and even physical development. In the boarding school atmosphere, there is a constant, kind supervision that allows students to feel a safe part of their international community. Making the choice to work in this environment is one that draws those individuals who are dedicated to helping students grow into their potential. Students leaving these educational experiences are consistently better prepared for the next stage of life.

Specialized Attention
A boarding school in Malaysia is going to provide its students with an educational setting that is totally unique because the classes are smaller and the ratio of students to teachers is ideal to promote a powerful educational experience. They are encouraged to learn how to build camaraderie, friendship, trust, honesty and a power common experience between students and their educators. The community living experience helps to build an awareness and understanding of the needs of others as well as a student’s personal needs. This will lead to a great tolerance for those who are different and an understanding of the diversity that naturally exists in the world.

Fantastic Preparation for University

For those who do not attend a Malaysia international school, the transition to college is much more difficult. All of the lessons in independent living learned at boarding school have to be learned when a student heads off to University. This can cause adjustment problems that might affect academic achievement. The skills built at boarding school allow students to embrace the college life and more easily handle the academic expectations. They are well versed in how to study and live independently, which is going to lead to success.

Immersion in Learning

Attending this type of school provides a classroom for a student that is working 24 hours a day. The classroom learning is central and always has a personalized feel to it. When living in this environment there is a natural appreciation for a student’s unique qualities that they contribute to the environment. Intelligence, athleticism, curiosity or artistic skills can all be celebrated, accepted and enhanced in this type of educational situation. All students learn to celebrate and appreciate the contributions of others. These lessons can be learned in the classroom, in the dorm or just spending time with friends.



Why You Should Take Your Child Into an International School.


If a society wants to flourish and even thrive, then the children should be given the proper guidance by their parents and from education. This is because children are the major building blocks in every society. When children are brought up well and educated in the right schools, they build a very secure future for themselves, and the pillars of the society are strengthened.


In the modern society, schools are very important. This is because they offer the initiative to give the right education to the kids. Each school has a different mission and goal, and among the galaxy of the schools available, international schools are now trending and stealing the limelight.

Most of the International Schools prefer to offer the popular IB/ICSE school curriculum. This system was mainly used for the children that came from diplomats or ambassadors from various countries in the past, but currently, they are open for everyone. International schools in Malaysia are slowly gaining popularity in most parts of the world. Schools such as POWIIS Malaysia admit students from all over the world. Malaysia is known for its good schools, and many parents all over the world prefer taking their kids to these boarding schools in Malaysia.

Here are some advantages of taking your child to an international school.
1. Richness of culture – 
Children that school in the international schools are always exposed to many children from several different cultural backgrounds. While in school, they interact with all the kids, regardless of their cultural background. This way, they are able to understand people from different areas of the world regardless of their age. This makes them very responsible adults.

2. Linguistic skills – 
In many international schools, English is mostly the common language. These means that the children who come from different parts of the globe have to master the language well very early in life. They also learn the languages their friends speak. According to research, a child who has the knowledge of more than one language develops a better intelligence quotient.


3. Behaviour patterns – 
When a child goes to an international school, they have to understand how they should behave with people from all parts of the world. These people have different temperaments, and the child has to adapt and get along with everyone. These makes them very responsible in their adult life.

4. Understanding and maturity – 
Many International Schools that are found in Malaysia offer a special curriculum that mainly enables the students to get the understanding about the entire world. The school environment is also very conducive, and this makes the children get a level of maturity that is very essential in life.

5. Overall Personality development – 
Several factors like learning tolerance, variety, improved intelligence and even increased knowledge sharing have a lot of impact in the child’s personality development. This is very crucial for every child because in life these skills must be understood. These children are able to successfully build their careers. If you are around a person who went to an international school, you will find that they are nice to you. They make friends easily, and most of these friendships last a lifetime


International Schools


The International School of Kuala Lumpur or ISKL.
This is a private and non-profit institution, governed by parents and accredited through WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges). There are no shareholders and no dividends are paid out. The education of children is their only task.

The school starts from prep reception or pre-school, as young as 3 years of age, to High School, followed by the International Baccalaureate diploma, as well as Advanced Placement or AP courses. Children of expatriates that are in Kuala Lumpur and residents thereof, as well as Malaysian students are all welcome to study there.

ISKL provides academic Malaysian students and expatriate children, excellent opportunities to achieve their scholastic goals. There is a diverse population of approximately 1600 students from over 60 nations, who attend the International School of Kuala Lumpur. The courses provided at this institution promote cultural and historical appreciation of the many different global populations. Social and moral development of the students is also greatly emphasized.

The mission of the school challenges the student to grow and develop skills and attitudes to become responsible and successful global citizens, no matter what the future brings into their young lives. The vision of the school motivates curiosity, stimulates a culture of learning which in turn encourages inspiration and the need to take action to make a better society.

The International Baccalaureate Degree
The origins of this go as far back as 1968. This degree was started in Geneva, Switzerland and has a foundation. The diploma offers students a variety of courses that will assist them in their overall education. There are a variety of courses that students can register for, and an introductory examination for the two year course. Scholarships are also available by the Ministry of Education in Malaysia for qualified students.

Requirements for applying:

• Official academic records – 3 consecutive years.
• Applicant’s personal statement.
• SPM trial exam result.
• Recommendation from a teacher or staff member.
• Community service work or extracurricular activity.
• A copy of completed admission form for the current school.
• A copy of the Malaysian identity card of the applicant.
• Two recent passport color photos (Student name behind the photo).

The British International School of Kuala Lumpur (BSKL)
This academy is another highly educational institution which offers well-rounded programs, and the curriculum and courses uphold ways in which students can excel for future leadership roles in society. The staff is extremely qualified and all of the teachers are experienced professionals with lifelong careers in education. The school does not provide a boarding school, although after school activities and programs are available to all.

There are also challenging opportunities in all types of courses, athletic activities, including inter-scholastic games, and a time to get-together after school. The fact that the parents are directly involved through the parent association group and as members of the Board of Directors of the school, this educational outfit has become extremely successful. The state-of-the art philosophy behind the learning process at BSKL meets enhanced scholastic requirements.

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Renaissance or Specialized Lawyer? Which One Would You Like to Be?


A law degree can be the first step for a variety of careers, including legal, government, health care or real estate. While you are in the A Level program studying legal decisions, briefs and terminology ensure that you receive a good all-around education. As you study, also consider whether you want to be a Renaissance Jack-of-All-Trades Attorney or a More Specialized Attorney.

“Paying the Bills”

By passing your legal exam, you can join the rank of professionals and post your degree on your firm’s wall. This law degree opens up numerous doors, which are restricted to regular citizens. Take your career to the next echelon with a good law degree.

Law school provides graduates with a general background allowing them to cater to a variety of needs. These legal cases could involve personal liability, bankruptcy, accidents, medical malpractice and so forth. A general understanding of the law allows you to attract enough clients to pay the bills.

The Renaissance Jack-of-All-Trades lawyer is well-rounded in all four of the primary legal skills: 1. Documents, 2. Case Citation, 3. Investigation and 4. Court Room. If you want to become elite, you might want to concentrate on the latter skills. Winning a lawsuit, negotiating a settlement and representing wealthy clients is where the most fame & fortune can be won.


“1. Preparing Documentation”

Briefs, summons, affidavits, subpoenas and wills are just a few of the important legal documents that you must be able to create. You must become an expert at legal terminology and the proper techniques for filling out various forms.

The legal clerk and notary public positions are important for document preparation. During tax preparation season, you can also make good money helping individuals and business pay their taxes.

“2. Case Citation”

Those with good memories can become very adept at case citation. Judges know all of the relevant cases, but if your remind them of precedents, you can improve your cause. Citing valid legal precedents creates order during court proceedings.

“3. Investigation & Research”

Detectives are experts in investigating crime scenes. Your clients might need help in cross-examining expert witnesses or digging up evidence. Usually, the junior partners in a law firm are given this duty.


“4. Court Room Speaking Skills”

The top lawyers win the majority of their court cases. A high winning percentage will attract the best clients. Oratory skills in the court room are the plume on your cap. The best lawyers in any firm have great court room speaking skills, decorum and presence.

Mitigation and negotiation are also very important skills to have. Most lawsuits are not brought to court because of the backlog of cases. If you have a great reputation, then you can negotiate a good financial settlement for your client.

Visit to learn more about the value of a law degree. Gain the basic foundation of the law before you develop your own specific skills. Demonstrate your talents, make a healthy income and win cases to make your law firm successful.


Importance of International Boarding Schools


children experiencing international boarding school life

Parents justifiably need a good reason for investing a substantial amount of money in the education of their children. Their kids, on the other hand, are supposed to the understanding of the great number of opportunities offered by international boarding school life. The moment has reached for learners and parents alike to expel their concept of local boarding schools and ascertain the distinctive intellectually challenging experience provided by the international boarding schools globally.

1. Achieve academically

gaining knowledge through international boarding school life

Students registered at international boarding institutions are capable of reaping the merits of an academic system with a worldwide perspective that celebrates the variety and supports the sympathetic and incorporation of a wide spectrum of language. The combination of a broad, contemporary facilities and stunning environment offers a peerless studying environment.

The high standards of international boarding institutions have the propensity to be driven, in part, by their excellent global repute, implying that their criteria for appropriate teaching employees are highly demanding. As a result, staff bodies are occupied by experienced people who are devoted to their profession and capable of offering learners with stimulating, knowledgeable academic instruction.

2. Become independent

independency in international boarding school life

Life in boarding establishment not only motivates learners to pertain themselves academically but as well needs them to be responsible for their personal time management, properties, and private well being. From having the capability to get out of the bed and make it to classes without being late, management of workload and upholding emotional stability, boarding lets young people hone invaluable skills that are fundamental not only to their daily existence but also to their employ ability after graduating. Learners are encouraged to take accountability for themselves not only for their academic process but also for their personal actions, health, and organization throughout the international boarding school life. Teachers and elder students are always eager to assist learners who are unsure or worried, implying that they are free to grow into independent and assured people at their speed.


3. Kick-start a prolific profession

Few ways of paving the path to a thriving global career compared to boarding school education. Not only are managers attracted to interviewee who has acquired independence and self-reliance at the younger age; the sky-scraping standards upheld by such institutions are recognized by business in almost all discipline globally.

English-speaking institutions allow learners to submerge themselves in the influential language and culture of the country. English remains the only language of business and has been implemented by corporations around the globe as their main language. Among the leading international firms who have taken English as their principal language are Lenovo and Audi.

4. Form lasting, international friendship

Living, studying and acclimatizing of life at boarding institutions in the group of peers enables learners to build connection of friendship sturdy than the way it can be likely at a day school. Learners are brought collectively almost 24/7 through classes, co- curricular activities and social outing, which results in the building of cohesive, familial communities. International boarding enables learners to create friendship that will last for a long period and engenders intercultural perceptive in the student community.

international boarding school life of all students

Admittedly, the amount used in international schooling can be considerable. On the other hand, given the assurance of academic excellence, internationally- oriented education and enhanced profession prospects, there will be minimal doubt that the outcome was accomplished by boarding institutions more than outweigh the cost.


Nursery School Advice/Tips

When your child starts their first year of nursery school or kindergarten in Kuala Lumpur, it can be difficult for the both of you. Letting your child go off alone to school can be very difficult. It can also be very difficult for them to leave you for several hours a day. In order to make the transition easier for the both of you, there are a few steps that you can follow.

nursery school

Let Them Know What to Expect

If you give your child an idea of what they can expect when they start school, it can reduce their level of anxiety. There are several books available about what to expect on the first day of school that you can read to your child. Most of these books follow the main character through their entire day. When your child hears the story of how much the main character enjoyed school, they will be excited to start school.

Change Their Routine

It is a good idea to contact the school to find out what your child’s routine will be like when they are there. This will give you a chance to change their routine at home a few weeks before school starts. If the students in the class take a nap, you should change their nap time at home to line up with the school’s time. This will keep them sharp until nap time. If the school does not have a nap time, you should start to wean your child off of their naps before the first day of school. It is also a good idea to change your child’s meal and snack times to line up with the schools. The more the schedules match up, the better your child will feel during the day.

Schedule a Tour

If your child’s school is having an open house before the first day, you should absolutely go. It will give your child a chance to see their classroom and meet their teacher. After they have seen everything, there will be no more fear of the unknown. If the school is not holding an open house, you should contact the school and request a tour of the school and a few moments to get acquainted with the teacher.

Potty Training

Most schools do not allow children to start unless they are completely potty trained. If your child is having frequent accidents, it is important that you make their potty training a main priority for the summer before they begin school. The more time you spend working with them, the better the chance of them having no accidents during school.

Start Teaching Early

It is a good idea to start teaching your child the things that they will learn before the first day. The summer before they start school, you should start working with them on their letters and numbers. If they already know some of these things, they will be ahead of the class, making them feel more confident.

The first day of school can be a positive experience for you and your child. If you follow a few steps to prepare for that first day, it can make the first day easier on both of you.

Are You Sure You Want to Study Law?

why study law

Making a career in the legal profession is one that requires hours of study, high academic achievement, long hours on the job and a substantial monetary investment. Despite the harsh criteria, many students are determined to study law and make a career somewhere in the legal field. Why study law? That question has been asked of many students who want to study law at a university, and the answers tend to land in the same general categories. While many students who choose to study law at a university and law school have noble reasons in mind, others have more misguided reasons.

Why people choose to study law

Money, prestige and power are a few of the misguided reasons to study law. While it is true that lawyers can earn a great deal of money, this generally does not occur right away and is based on factors such as expertise, geographic location, and the size of the law firm to name a few. The title of attorney, counselor or lawyer will always have a certain amount of prestige that goes with it. Movies and television shows have elevated the status of lawyers even higher, making the career choice appear glamorous, whether an attorney is successful or not. Oftentimes, a lawyer is only as successful as his last victory. Choosing to study law at a university can be a springboard for positions of power such as judges and careers in politics, but these positions can only be attained after many years of service in the legal profession.

do law study

The price of studying law

Besides the financial cost, studying law at a university and law school will cost many hours of study, sleepless nights, and a lot of time away from family and friends. If this is not a deal breaker, then the only thing left to consider is the financial cost. Attending a good university and law school will run anywhere from $150,000 to $5000,000, depending on the university or college you choose and which law school. The decision to study law and go to law school should be considered carefully, and based on a personal desire to help others, be involved in complex work, and a desire to make a difference.

studying law


5 Reasons for Studying Law

the gavel of a judge in court. lies on a desk.

The law is a discipline where one can develop a variety of skills and explore several aspects of human lifestyle. When you study law as an undergraduate, you get an opportunity to make your mind sharp, strengthen your knowledge and intensify your experience across a variety of social sciences and humanities. You attain both breadth of knowledge and the profundity in the areas you find interesting to you.

1. Career opportunities

For that reason, the law should plea to those individuals who desire to develop both abstract thinking and practical problem solving. It is simple to realize why you do not have to be an attorney just because you have a degree in law. A law degree can offer you the skilfulness to be a thriving lawyer, but as well successful politician, producer, journalist, manager or any other field that needs intellectual strength merged with a practical approach to the world. Studying law has some benefits that almost make up for it all and here are some of them.

2. Understanding levers of power in society

Studying law develops an individual knowledge of the levers of power in our society in a manner that is more efficient than that of political science. This is for the reason that law is directly apprehensive with power, and it touches every aspect of an individual’s life. For that purpose, the law is remarkably vital to the way of life of every individual.

3. Understanding the rule of law  Balance

Attorneys refer to the rule of law since a society that has no law governing it leaves common individuals at the mercy of the arbitrary misuse of power by whose are powerful. In some states, the rule of law is not exercised and in this case life turns out to be harder since ordinary individual do not have a way of protecting themselves from the powerful people.
In the society where the rule of law is present, individuals may not even realize it exists since their life is not impeded by corruption and the misuse of power. For instance, in Australia, the rule of law exists, and even though its legal systems may not be excellent in every aspect, it does not hold back unfettered power in several respects. Attorneys can use the law to clutch government responsible.

4. Making the difference through law reform

Learning law permits an individual who has a sturdy sense of justice to find out where there are imperfections in the system and to work beneficially and successfully to change it. Logically, studying law provides the idealistic individual a realistic means to make a change in the world. Several attorneys work in policy and law reform in this means.


5. An intellectual challenge

Learning law provides a wonderful intellectual challenge in that it builds up the capability to raise an argument by proof in a way that can be very difficult for someone who is not a lawyer to comprehend. Learning law will provide you with intellectual skills that will offer a decisive benefit in any profession you select. Visit BAC Malaysia for more information on the why it is important to study law.

International Schools

success eduEducation is one of the keys to a successful life. People who get a good education will find it easier to get a good paying job that can pay their bills and allow them start a career that can be emotionally fulfilling as well as financially rewarding. A good foundation in life in the form of a good education also allows people to interact with others who share their background and love of learning, making it possible in many cases for them to make connections socially and find a partner who shares their life goals and wants to raise a family with them.

Schooling Abroadstudyoversea

Those who work abroad will want to make sure their kids still
get access to the best possible education. People may also wish to have their children spend some time abroad in order to help them get an understanding of other cultures and nationalities. The right school is an essential part of that process. When looking for an educational institution abroad, it is important to keep several factors in mind during the process of searching for the right educational institution. Such factors include the nature of the classes offered, the class size, the educational philosophy of the academic institution and the kind of success that the school’s graduates have been able to achieve.

Adhering to Accepted Standards

In many cases, those of a specific nationality, such as those hailing from Great Britain, will want to make sure their children are prepared to meet British educational standards and pass national schooling exams given in this nation. Many people seek to have their children fully prepared do so even when the parent needs to take a job in another country for a long time. So someone who is living Malaysia will want to look for British international school in Malaysia that help their children meet the educational standards expected of anyone attending British schools in Great Britain.

parentsLooking For Schools

Before a child is enrolled in a given international school, it is important for the parent to take the time and research it to make sure the international school is right for their child’s needs. In many instances, a parent will need to take the time to investigate all aspects of the school. This includes the student-teacher ratio, the academic standards the school adheres to and the kind of after school activities available for a given child. The right fit is vital. A child should feel comfortable the instant they walk through the doors of the school. A parent should feel confident that their child is relaxed and capable of doing the work once at the school because it is right for all of their needs. The right international school is one in which a child will be able to meet all of their academic and social potential. A parent who takes the time to make this happen is a parent who can rest easy knowing that their adored child has what they need from their school.