Are You Sure You Want to Study Law?

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Making a career in the legal profession is one that requires hours of study, high academic achievement, long hours on the job and a substantial monetary investment. Despite the harsh criteria, many students are determined to study law and make a career somewhere in the legal field. Why study law? That question has been asked of many students who want to study law at a university, and the answers tend to land in the same general categories. While many students who choose to study law at a university and law school have noble reasons in mind, others have more misguided reasons.

Why people choose to study law

Money, prestige and power are a few of the misguided reasons to study law. While it is true that lawyers can earn a great deal of money, this generally does not occur right away and is based on factors such as expertise, geographic location, and the size of the law firm to name a few. The title of attorney, counselor or lawyer will always have a certain amount of prestige that goes with it. Movies and television shows have elevated the status of lawyers even higher, making the career choice appear glamorous, whether an attorney is successful or not. Oftentimes, a lawyer is only as successful as his last victory. Choosing to study law at a university can be a springboard for positions of power such as judges and careers in politics, but these positions can only be attained after many years of service in the legal profession.

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The price of studying law

Besides the financial cost, studying law at a university and law school will cost many hours of study, sleepless nights, and a lot of time away from family and friends. If this is not a deal breaker, then the only thing left to consider is the financial cost. Attending a good university and law school will run anywhere from $150,000 to $5000,000, depending on the university or college you choose and which law school. The decision to study law and go to law school should be considered carefully, and based on a personal desire to help others, be involved in complex work, and a desire to make a difference.

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