Aiming High: How to Excel in an A-Level Program?

If you have what it takes to be on top, then you should not let any opportunity pass! Know how to study hard and smart. Although obtaining high scores on an A-level program exam may seem difficult, it is not close to impossible. Remember that not everyone has the chance to study in one of the most prestigious programs in Malaysia, therefore always give your best shot. To help you excel and grab those A’s, here are some tips on how to study like an A-level student:


  1. Create a Timetable.

    The demands of this program are frankly more different and higher than the degree programs offered in other universities. Therefore, one of the most important and classic techniques is to create your own timetable that will help you to manage your time and academic workloads efficiently. Using your own timetable, you could prioritize tasks, focus more on your weaknesses, and do things one step at a time with no rush. This technique will make your mind more systematic and sharper.


  1. Practice Past Exam Papers

    Students fear taking an exam because they think they are not fully prepared for it. Practicing previously answered exam papers is a good strategy to familiarize yourself with the type of exam you’ll be facing. It will give you a mock experience of the question style, time pressure, and exam formats. The more exam papers you practice, the better! With adequate practice, you can guarantee that you’ll be more ready to take an exam than ever before.


  1. Extend Your Circle.

    As academic stress heightens, better guard yourself with positive coping mechanisms to survive. Ask for your classmates’ help. They can be your study buddies who could ease your academic stress and motivate you to exert more efforts. Remember, you all feel the same way—you all get stressed. So, why not agree to help each other out? Your workloads will not only be lessened, but you will also hear different perspectives in attacking an exam question.


  1. Do Some Exercises.

    Several studies have proven the positive effects of exercise on the body. Don’t let the academic stressors consume you. A sedentary lifestyle will just make you more vulnerable to develop various health problems. Stay fit and healthy by exercising! An active lifestyle helps in boosting your cognitive abilities making you more alert and smarter.


  1. Know Your Learning Style.

    Learning styles vary from one person to another. The learning styles of your top-ranking classmates may not be applicable to you, so you should not imitate them for good. Know which method would help you learn easily. Is it through pictures or sounds? Can you focus more in a quiet room alone or in a place with loud music? The right learning style is your foundation on acing those A’s.

Goals are achieved through hard work and determination! You are in an A-level program because you have the essential ability to be the best in a certain chosen field. Just enjoy! When in doubt, just remind yourself of the main reason why you entered the program in the first place.

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