7 Reasons Why You Should Consider Giving Your Child A Personalized Education

As much as we look up to teachers as role models, masters at their craft at imparting life lessons to our children, they aren’t superheroes. They can’t stop time nor can they read minds. Therefore, teachers can’t possibly give every child a personalized education. It is simply a case of too many students, too little time. In order for children to reach their potential as model students, they must first be interested and engaged in learning. But in order for that to happen, the right methods have to be set in place.

“One size fits all” may be a great philosophy for shoe manufacturers, but the same doesn’t apply for schools. Teachers can’t give undivided attention to each student, and  kids aren’t always taught on how to reach their potential. But that shouldn’t be allowed to happen, as he has you to depend on. The following reasons are just some ways to put a spin in on your child’s education and build a learning environment catered just for him.

Seek advice from the Counselor

Once a year, make it a point to spend a day at your child’s school to receive counseling advice on his educational needs. Getting a faculty’s opinion on your child’s development will help you pinpoint possible problematic areas, and get additional tips on how to set him on his path. The added bonus? Your extra effort in helping him will be beneficial in the long run.

Teach a lesson in advance

Face it, if you had a chance for a do-over, you would take it with open arms right? The same applies for your child. If you noticed that your son is struggling with a subject, consider skipping the tutor. Huddle over together and go through over the list of possible learning material for next week. That extra bit of preparation will instill a layer of confidence to tackle possible learning outcomes.

The outdoors are great to unwind

It’s hard for anyone to stay cooped up indoors while the outdoors is just begging to be explored – kids included. In fact, some kids actually learn better when they’re exposed to the countryside. A study that was done in 2002 by University of Florida discovered that some students actually needed the stimulation of a field trip to build on their motivation and memory retention skills. If your child is struggling with a concept, consider using the swings at the park to discuss pendulums or a visit to a pizza parlor to learn about fractions. Whoever said math wasn’t fun?

Find out what your child loves

Acquiring the knowledge on how to convert fractions into mixed numbers isn’t exactly exciting for anyone. If school just doesn’t seem to hold your child’s interest, ignite the passion hidden within by exposing him to practical learning experiences outside. With the frequency at which art exhibitions, cooking classes and surf lessons are held, your options are limitless. As your child becomes accustomed to trying out new learning activities, it can help him find a hobby to be excited about – and embrace school as a way to reach his goals.

Consider taking gym classes

Childhood obesity is a serious issue and shouldn’t be taken lightly. This coupled with the fact that physical education programs is at an all time low, something has to be done. Take a stand and let your child sweat it out at least once a week. A quick stroll at the park, enrolling in a football class or even going for a swim is a great way sweat out the toxins. Plus it’s fun for the entire family.

Keep track of their progress

This may come as a surprise to you but most schools don’t actually teach everything that’s in the curriculum. They rather focus on preparing students for standardized tests than to impart important life skills. This shouldn’t be the way.

Do consider downloading the year’s curriculum from your child’s online portal to keep track of what he is actually learning throughout the year ahead. If you noticed that the teacher has skip an important music lesson, consider supplementing their learning with an instructor. Or why not teach him yourself?

When in doubt, there is always the World Wide Web

Spice up your child’s least favorite subject by using a plethora of information that lies in wait on the Web. Read up on the time when dinosaurs roamed the earth or start an engaging in a debate about the importance of picking up a musical instrument. Every subject has many fascinating aspects behind them if you look closely enough. Peel off the layers behind each thread as you even learn a thing or two.

Cultivate your child’s interest in picking up many new experiences that can’t be learned elsewhere.

Learning doesn’t have to be mundane

As parents, we should always aim to give our children the very best educational experience possible. Spice up boring math equations by putting a fun spin on things and your child will start seeing education in a different light. The extra dedication that you’ve showed him will let him know that you care and spur him on to new heights.

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