5 Best International Schools in Malaysia

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International schools were first created for families who often travel. Historically speaking, the original students of international schools were children of personnel of multinational companies. Now more and more locals are enrolling their children in international school because they want their kids to study Western syllabuses. If you find yourself looking for the best international school in Malaysia, here are some of the top choices:garden-international-school-in-kuala-lumpur-wilayah-persekutuan-malaysia

  1. Garden International School

Founded in 1951, this school promises holistic education to their students. They received their accreditations from the Council of International Schools and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges among others.student-group-light-in-SF-270k

  1. International School of Kuala Lumpur

In this school, children of all nationalities are welcome to apply as long as he or she is a full-time Malaysian resident and has at least one parent to qualify for admission. Established 1965, it serves as the first fully accredited international school in Malaysia.FS-overview-11-1042x441

  1. Prince of Wales Island International School

In operation since 2011, POWIIS is known for its reputation as one of the country’s most impressive schools. What makes it stand out from others is the fact that it allows students to board at school.  Aside from giving quality education to their students, this institution offers families the modern facilities that make them feel at home.1-462x300

  1. Australian International School Malaysia

Initially a preschool back in 1964, this school has turned into one of the leading international schools in Malaysia after decades of operation. It promises a nurturing environment that helps students unlock their path to success.08aaf2d8681a77023521819e3bab5c2d

  1. Alice Smith School

Dubbed as the most prestigious British International School in the country, it has been around since 1946. It refers to itself as a non-profit educational foundation.

Every parent has different goals of enrolling their children in an international school. Some believe that this kind of institution will prepare them for globalization which could help them find better career opportunities in the future. Some believe international schools provide the highest quality of education.

Have you selected the right school for you or your children? Inquire to these institutions now and let your child learn from an international school!

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