3 Career Tips for Law Students

Law student consults booksLaw school graduates may have a hard time securing work in these times, however, legal services are valued every industry. Whether tech, retail, entertainment, or even agricultural, there are clients that need regulatory assessment and copyright lawyers just alike. It is helpful to look at what some law professionals are saying regarding the future ahead for law studies today.


Many career planning firms can concur that young attorneys fresh from a law course will meet with some undue intimidation from their first dive into the job market. This is largely due to an economic atmosphere in which employers are less than willing to take a risk on new graduates. This is where the need for an internship or other form of apprenticeship work will come in handy. This will ultimately ensure that the law student is getting some form of experience while they are in school. This provides the student with professional contacts and references that will be crucial for future job searches. There are many internship programs available for law students, while not all of them may be paying. Younger students will have it a little easier if they have attended school closer to home, where they can rely on parents for a little while. Many of these internships are less than a year’s length in time, and provide great experience and contacts, but do not pay. Paid internships are competitive; make high grades in you’re A-level program to get your foot in the door.

Law students must have realistic expectations. The first law job is likely not going to be the absolute dream job that you were looking for. However, this will likely open doors to another job down the road. As pointed out beforehand, experience in today’s economy is everything. It will ultimately allow employers to view your skillset and prive track record as an employee. The ultimate career goal of young lawyers may be the devonair role of an entertainment lawyer in a famous case, or even a highly respected patent’s office clerk, but it is likely that the first job that comes along will only allow you to use your skills in another sector of law than ideal. This isn’t to say that any job that comes along is ideal. No one with a law degree should end up working at Burger King. This shows that ultimately, there was a lack of commitment in job searching in the first place. Business lawyers, for example, can take what they have learned in business studies to land positions across a wide spectrum of industries!

Law school graduates will want to go about forming a network with other law school graduates. This is important to all professionals, whether doctors, lawyers, or scientists. It is all about who you know sometimes. Jobs can come through the woodwork of a casual conversation or meeting new people at a conference. One thing is certain: more experienced colleagues are often willing to help out younger or less experienced cohorts as they attempt to navigate the winding spiral that can be the law economy. These mentorships need not be paid consulting situation where individual formally meet. Think of classmates or friends met at an intership. Do they seem to be successful? What do they know that you do not? Invite them to coffee and pick their brain for a bit. It is likely that they will not mind. Often, what others take for granted as known, may be instrumental in making better job application decisions.