How to choose the best international school


Choosing a right international school for your child is a crucial decision. It is evident that school is a stepping-stone, which will take your kid further. A proper school setting has turned out to be even more significant taking into consideration the modern day scenario.


Since the majority of parents are working, and they barely have enough time to devote for the children, they have to depend on the school for quality education and guidance. With the availability of several top rated schools, it might be a difficult task when it comes to choosing an international school in Malaysia for your kid. Here are some tips that can make the task much easy:

Do your research

Before selecting a school, parents need to prioritize the things that are more important to their kids and family, pondering academics, languages, and other extracurricular activities. Practicalities like school van schedule might factor into the decision process but always becomes less significant than they might first seem to be.

Whether you are selecting a pre-school or high school, find out what happens to kids who graduate from that school. Where do they go after completing their studies, and find out if they are successful in their life?

Make a personal contact

Visit the institution if you have the ability to. It is recommended that families should visit more than one school since it is only through comparison-shopping that parents learn what they need to value in an educational setting. The exercise can consume a lot of time and for that reason, parents are advised to spread the visitation over a year or more for an evaluation that is more balanced.

Talk to real students

Some schools have opted to present their best students to prospective parents at school tours and various events. Certainly, these learners have been cherry-selected and trained to adhere to the script.
Talk to them, but also, look for students; those who left, those who failed and those who passed. You may employ upper secondary students to assist with your kid’s homework or just babysit and observe how they conduct themselves.

Talk to real parents

If all goes well on the visitation, look for parents whose kids went through the program, and discuss with them about the experiences. Increasingly, institutions are asking parents to act as parent ambassadors. While this is a nice initiative and only to be encouraged, these parent ambassadors are always advocated for the institution. There is a possibility that they might evangelize, rather than assisting you to evaluate both the cons and pros. For that reason, look for parents who left the institution and inquired from them why, and those who might be unhappy with some issues, for more

School location and ambiance

Since international institutions mostly attract learners from various places, which are born and brought up with very dissimilar cultures, the ideal school is supposed to be the one, which provides a platform for children to interrelate and feel free with one another. British international school can be one of the choices you may consider. Its location should be convenient and provide the peaceful ambiance where children can grow up able and stern guidance of trained faculties.