International Schools


The International School of Kuala Lumpur or ISKL.
This is a private and non-profit institution, governed by parents and accredited through WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges). There are no shareholders and no dividends are paid out. The education of children is their only task.

The school starts from prep reception or pre-school, as young as 3 years of age, to High School, followed by the International Baccalaureate diploma, as well as Advanced Placement or AP courses. Children of expatriates that are in Kuala Lumpur and residents thereof, as well as Malaysian students are all welcome to study there.

ISKL provides academic Malaysian students and expatriate children, excellent opportunities to achieve their scholastic goals. There is a diverse population of approximately 1600 students from over 60 nations, who attend the International School of Kuala Lumpur. The courses provided at this institution promote cultural and historical appreciation of the many different global populations. Social and moral development of the students is also greatly emphasized.

The mission of the school challenges the student to grow and develop skills and attitudes to become responsible and successful global citizens, no matter what the future brings into their young lives. The vision of the school motivates curiosity, stimulates a culture of learning which in turn encourages inspiration and the need to take action to make a better society.

The International Baccalaureate Degree
The origins of this go as far back as 1968. This degree was started in Geneva, Switzerland and has a foundation. The diploma offers students a variety of courses that will assist them in their overall education. There are a variety of courses that students can register for, and an introductory examination for the two year course. Scholarships are also available by the Ministry of Education in Malaysia for qualified students.

Requirements for applying:

• Official academic records – 3 consecutive years.
• Applicant’s personal statement.
• SPM trial exam result.
• Recommendation from a teacher or staff member.
• Community service work or extracurricular activity.
• A copy of completed admission form for the current school.
• A copy of the Malaysian identity card of the applicant.
• Two recent passport color photos (Student name behind the photo).

The British International School of Kuala Lumpur (BSKL)
This academy is another highly educational institution which offers well-rounded programs, and the curriculum and courses uphold ways in which students can excel for future leadership roles in society. The staff is extremely qualified and all of the teachers are experienced professionals with lifelong careers in education. The school does not provide a boarding school, although after school activities and programs are available to all.

There are also challenging opportunities in all types of courses, athletic activities, including inter-scholastic games, and a time to get-together after school. The fact that the parents are directly involved through the parent association group and as members of the Board of Directors of the school, this educational outfit has become extremely successful. The state-of-the art philosophy behind the learning process at BSKL meets enhanced scholastic requirements.

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Renaissance or Specialized Lawyer? Which One Would You Like to Be?


A law degree can be the first step for a variety of careers, including legal, government, health care or real estate. While you are in the A Level program studying legal decisions, briefs and terminology ensure that you receive a good all-around education. As you study, also consider whether you want to be a Renaissance Jack-of-All-Trades Attorney or a More Specialized Attorney.

“Paying the Bills”

By passing your legal exam, you can join the rank of professionals and post your degree on your firm’s wall. This law degree opens up numerous doors, which are restricted to regular citizens. Take your career to the next echelon with a good law degree.

Law school provides graduates with a general background allowing them to cater to a variety of needs. These legal cases could involve personal liability, bankruptcy, accidents, medical malpractice and so forth. A general understanding of the law allows you to attract enough clients to pay the bills.

The Renaissance Jack-of-All-Trades lawyer is well-rounded in all four of the primary legal skills: 1. Documents, 2. Case Citation, 3. Investigation and 4. Court Room. If you want to become elite, you might want to concentrate on the latter skills. Winning a lawsuit, negotiating a settlement and representing wealthy clients is where the most fame & fortune can be won.


“1. Preparing Documentation”

Briefs, summons, affidavits, subpoenas and wills are just a few of the important legal documents that you must be able to create. You must become an expert at legal terminology and the proper techniques for filling out various forms.

The legal clerk and notary public positions are important for document preparation. During tax preparation season, you can also make good money helping individuals and business pay their taxes.

“2. Case Citation”

Those with good memories can become very adept at case citation. Judges know all of the relevant cases, but if your remind them of precedents, you can improve your cause. Citing valid legal precedents creates order during court proceedings.

“3. Investigation & Research”

Detectives are experts in investigating crime scenes. Your clients might need help in cross-examining expert witnesses or digging up evidence. Usually, the junior partners in a law firm are given this duty.


“4. Court Room Speaking Skills”

The top lawyers win the majority of their court cases. A high winning percentage will attract the best clients. Oratory skills in the court room are the plume on your cap. The best lawyers in any firm have great court room speaking skills, decorum and presence.

Mitigation and negotiation are also very important skills to have. Most lawsuits are not brought to court because of the backlog of cases. If you have a great reputation, then you can negotiate a good financial settlement for your client.

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