10 Reasons Why You Should Study Psychology


Just what is psychology you ask? For starters, psychology is the study of the mind and behavior. There are many fascinating aspects about psychology that’s just begging to be unraveled, even if you don’t plan on becoming a psychology major or delving into a psychology-related job.

Whether we know it or not, each day we are constantly subjected to psychology on nearly every aspect of our lives. Why we are here, how will I be in the future, how we interact with friends, family, and colleagues; these are all layers that psychology can help you understand better.

The following are reasons why we think everyone should have at least some grasp on psychology:

1. Psychology can help you understand what makes you tick

As you uncover the layers of how development occurs through the ages; how personality is formed, and how factors such as society and culture play a role in impacting behavior, you may find yourself becoming more familiar on why certain influences impact your life in such a way.

2. You’ll have a stronger grasp of research methods

Being exposed to different psychology research methods can help you understand some of the numerous claims that you’ll stumble upon in magazines, literature, TV shows, and in films. As you become better in understanding psychology, you’ll be better equipped to sort out the truth from fiction that surrounds the many psychology myths that circulate the Web.

3. Understand why the people around you behave in such a way

The next time someone you know behaves the way they do, you’ll be more inclined to understand the underlying influences and motivations that make up their actions.

4. Communicate more clearly and effectively

The three elements that are constantly studied in psychology; emotion, language, and body language can help you sharpen your interpersonal communication skills that are essential in today’s ever challenging environment.

5. Develop and sharpen your critical thinking skills

As you learn more about psychology, you will be armed with the knowledge of the scientific method, decision-making, and problem solving, all integral aspects that will help you hone your ability to think logically and critically when it comes to life’s everyday issues.

6. Psychology can arm you with the knowledge to excel in your future career

Yes, there are certainly many exciting careers that one can pursue in psychology that you may be keen to pursue, but choosing to only study the subject can stand you in good stead in whatever profession you may choose. For example, if you choose to become a sales agent, understanding human behavior can improve your chances of landing a sale as you know how to appeal and convince a potential customer.

7. You start to have an appreciation for human development through all walks of life

Understanding how people change over time throughout the stages of life can make it that much easier to understand the behavior and why a person chooses to act a certain way and their reasoning for doing so. It can also cast a light on our own experiences as we encounter different challenges and situations that arise through the course of our lives.

8. Psychology can supplement your study of related subjects

As psychology encompasses a broad range of topics that range from philosophy, biology to physiology, learning the subject can assist you in gaining a richer understanding of these areas.

9. Studying psychology can give you a better insight about mental illnesses

With psychology, you can learn how certain psychological conditions are diagnosed and treated. You can also determine how mental wellness can be enhanced, how stress can be reduced, how to boost your memory and how to live a more fulfilling life.

10. Learning psychology is both fun and intriguing

From the mind boggling optical illusions that tease your brain into making objects appear different from what they truly are to how shocking experiments that show just how people will go to obey a figure of authority, there is always something exciting and sometimes bizarre to learn about the human mind.

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